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Try OZ

Try OZ
You can try OZ for yourself in the privacy of your home.  Just follow these simple instructions
to download  and install OZ on your home computer - free of charge! 
OZ can be driven by either Microsoft Flight Simulator X or X-Plane.
You will need a standard set of flight controls for OZ.  Any flight simulation joystick or yoke,
throttle quadrant and pedals compatible with your flight simulator will suffice.


FSUIPC 4 is a program that captures dynamic data from Microsoft Flight Simulator X and sends it to OZ to drive the OZ display.  The capabilities required for OZ are available in the free version.  Simply download FSUIPC4 and install it in the MSFSX modules folder.   FSUIPC3, an earlier version of FSUIPC, may allow you to link OZ to earlier versions of MSFS.

OZ X-Plane PlugIn

eSky's OZ X-Plane plug-in that captures aircraft state information from X-Plane 9. The eSky OZ X-Plane Plug-in is in the OZ Download package.  Extract it, place it in the X-Plane Resources/Plugins folder and it will drive OZ.