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Annotated OZ Imagery

What is OZ?
OZ integrates the primary flight instrument information data with select navigational information into a single graphic image that is proven far easier to learn and use than either steam gauges or glass cockpit PFDs.

OZ presents all the critical flight information in terms of graphic primitives such as lines, dots, circles and other shapes.  The relationship between these shapes allows pilots to achieve precision performance without scanning dials or reading numerical values.  OZ does preserve persistent values of critical information in a box at the bottom of the screen for reference. Extensive human subject testing has shown that the graphical relationships are easier to use than instrument scanning.

OZ runs as a plug-in in any GRT EFIS system (Horizon or Sport).  The OZ plug-in inserts the OZ PFD format into the GRT PFD Page Group at the end.  All the GRT PFD formats are still operational, but OZ is available at the push of a button.

If you have a GRT EFIS, you simply need to download a modified version of the latest GRT software that supports plug-ins and update your EFIS.  (GRTAvionics) Once this is done, you can load an OZ flash drive purchased from eSky into the USB port on the back of your EFIS and turn on the power.  The rest is automatic!  

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