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AudioPilot FAQ
AudioPilot sounds interesting, but...

...the cost of subscription updates for devices is becoming prohibitive.
  • AudioPilot gets all its data from the Garmin navigator, what that means for you is that there are no subscription fees or updates - all you do is plug it in and go.
...there are already too many complicated devices in the cockpit.
  • We agree. That’s why AudioPilot only has three push buttons and a volume control knob. this thing going to annoy me constantly?
  • You have total control and can turn any alert on or off via our user interface. This must be done on the ground using a laptop or PC prior to flight. 
...I don’t want to change my scan method.
  • AudioPilot does not require you to change your current method of scan.
...How will I hear ATC over the alerts?
  • Simple. AudioPilot allows you to set the volume of the alerts relative to ATC using the volume control knob. 
Ok so you've convinced me, now what? 

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